The West-Way
Dance Club

291 Evans Avenue,
Etobicoke Ontario
M8Z 1K2

TEL: 416-255-6925

Paul has been a DJ at the West-Way Club for over five years, but he has been in the business for many years, in fact, he started working as a DJ over twenty years ago. It was his love of music that brought him to this profession which he very much enjoys.

In addition to working as DJ in many dancing establishments in and around town, he is also very busy entertaining people at wedding parties, and at private club functions.

Pleasing people is what is most important to him and he is most happy when everyone is having a good time. When playing he regularly looks around the room to make sure that he chooses the right dance music so that people get up and dance.

Paul likes all kinds of music and his tastes range from the classical to modern, rap and, of course, he likes good old Latin and Ballroom music. In addition to listening to music, he likes to travel with his family once in a while in order to rest and relax.

He particularly enjoys working at the West-Way because, as he says, "It's such a very well run club and the people are especially friendly and courteous".

Paul shares the Wednesday Afternoon and Saturday Evening DJ duties with John Crosbie



John Crosbie has been a regular DJ at the West Way Club since 1992. He started in the business playing at weddings, and at various legion halls and  clubs around town. John is himself a musician and plays the lead guitar in a Blues Band.
In addition to being a DJ, John works as a cabinetmaker and keeps very busy raising his three children. He likes fishing and of course, music. His favourite music is rock, blues and latin. Does he dance?? Yes he does and has been taking lessons with his beautiful wife

John wishes to say that he is very grateful to everyone for their kindness and appreciation over the years and especially thankful to the directors for their support and confidence in him.

John is our regular Sunday DJ and shares the duties with Paul Piazza on Wednesday Afternoon and Saturday nights


At the outset it must be said that Ralph has a keen sense of humour as will see from his answers .to our questions. We began by asking him how he started as a DJ. This is what he told us:

" Theresa (my wife) and I were taking dance lessons from our friend in Brampton. We decided to run our own dance club called Evergreen at the Brampton Community Centre. I was always themusic guy since I like to play the sound system. I started my career as a DJ at the Continental
Dance Club in Mississauga 15 years ago and I have been with the West Way Club for more than10 years"

When asked if he had any other line of work, he replied " Are you kidding? I must work around the clock to make ends meet". He continued by saying that he works for a major financial
institution as an IT Specialist.

Any special hobbies? He replied that he is very busy working at 2 or 3 jobs which does not leave much time for anything else. He used to love to play the guitar, the violin and the flute and also he likes listening to Classical Music.

On the subject of dancing he notes that his favourite dance is the Tango while Theresa's is theFoxtrot. They both like the Waltz and Rumba as their warm up dance. He tries to avoid the Samba!

How does he keep up with new music releases? Ralph enjoys a great variety of music and likes good Orchestral pieces and especially vocal selections full of passion. He looks for good dance music in local music stores, searches on line, listens to the radio on his way to work, pays
attention to the background music in shopping centers, and yes, such is his love of good music, that he will even steal music from kids and others!


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